Battaglia dei Fiori in Ventimiglia


Ventimiglia, June 2010 

Just like every other time in the month of June the city of Ventimiglia is preparing to live the most important event of the year, the most felt from the citizens and the most loved by tourists and visitors.
Thousands of people that each year come to the city to assist to the numerous collateral events which culminate in the wagon parade and into the legendary Flower Battle of Sunday afternoon.

Friday 18th since the afternoon (3.30 PM) it will be possible to visit the sites where the great creations have been secretly made, all accompanied by music, joyfulness and sampling of typical products.
During the day of Friday there will be a Flower Competition in the Historical District organized by the Ventimiglia Alta neighborhood committee.

On Saturday 19th there will be the 6th International Regatta “On the route of the Black Bucaneer” (Ventimiglia/Roquebrune/Bordighera), organized in collaboration with the Sant’Ampelio Yacht Club and the Ventimiglia Sailing Club.

Fireworks in the evening and a fashion runway among flowers and stars, the “Flower Night” with music, theatre and the possibility to shop until late.

Evening parade of flower decorated wagons and the battle between the audience and the actors on the wagons.

On Sunday 20th great parade of the flower decorated wagons along the streets of the city center and battle between the audience and the actors throwing flowers. At the end of the battle, prize ceremony for the winning wagons at the Rotonda Resentello.

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