<b>San Remo Casino</b> - Photo APT RdF


Sanremo, October 2011 

On Saturday, October 1st from 6.00 PM the White Night of the City of Flowers will take place at the same time of the 60th anniversary of the Male Fashion Festival, which took its’ first steps in the halls of the Sanremo Casino.

For such occasion, on Saturday from 9.30 AM at the Municipal Casino Theatre there will be a conference on “Displaying Creativity. The Sanremo Male Fashion Festival and Italian haute couture”.

Many figures which have experienced those festivals will be hosted, as well as journalists and fashion experts.

The White Night will offer many fashion related initiatives: on Saturday at 6.00 PM a professional models will perform in a fashion show from the Casino steps to the Centrale movie theatre of Via Matteotti.

All the corners of Sanremo will host Italian fashion locations, the stores will remain open, music and many entertaining events.