The city of Sanremo has the good fortune to be located at the heart of an important road network which connects some of the biggest cities in Europe.

The Autostrada europa E80, parts of which are the A10 Genova – Ventimiglia and the A8 Menton –Aix-en-Provence, connects the city both with nearby France and with the Italian motorway network.

The city is easily reached both from the airport at Nice, only 50 kms. from San Remo, and also from the international airports of Albenga and Genoa. The international railway system which connects Italy, France and Spain also makes life easy for visitors to Sanremo.

Distances from the principal resorts on the Cote d’Azur:

Monte Carlo
35 kms to the west
30 mins. by car – 50 mins. by train

50 km to the west
40 mins. by car – 1 hr 15 by train

80 kms to the west
1 hr. by car – 2 hrs. by train

30 kms to the east
20 mins. by car – 30 mins. by train

140 kms to the east
1 hr. 20 by car – 2 hr. by train

170 kms to the east
1 hr. 40 by car – no rail connection

Montegrosso (Cinque Terre)
225 kms to the east
2 hrs. 15 by car – 4 hrs. by train

Distances from principal Italian cities:

220 kms to the north
2 hrs 10 by car – 3 hrs 30 by train

265 kms to the north-east
2 hrs 30 by car – 3 hrs 30 by train

360 kms to the east
3 hrs 15 by car – 5 hrs 30 by train

520 kms to the east
4 hrs 30 by car – 6 hrs 45 by train

640 kms to the sud-east
5 hrs. 40 by car – 7 hrs. 30 by train