The Sanremo Red Prawn towards the IGP

<b>Il gambero rosso di Sanremo</b> - Foto Sanremo Promotion

The Sanremo Red Prawn is a fishing treasure in Liguria. It’s a tasty shellfish which is exclusively fished in the town of Citta’ dei Fiori.

It has started a long journey to become a product of a geographical protected area. It was the Sanremo Council that sent a regional delegation to Rome on Oct.

6th to request a recognition. Later on, a second request will be sent from Rome to the European Union to obtain the sought-after quality of product stamp.

The small town of Santa Margherita Ligure has also been fighting ever since June to obtain the stamp, which again refers to the red prawn fished in its waters.

Two Liguria towns which we hope will get this prestigious recognition.

This is an initiative which could give the red prawn a well-defined identity, which would also benefit and support the local fishing and promote turism.