San Remo Rally

<b>Il Rally di Sanremo</b> - Foto Sanremorally

Sanremo Rally

The San Remo Rally is one of the most legendary sporting events of the City of Flowers.  Over the years the Sanremo Rally has become a veritable institution on the sporting calendar.

The rally, whose first editions date back to 1928 and 1929, was known as the “Rally of the Flowers” for a few years starting in 1961. The special stages of the rally are held on the roads between Sanremo and Imperia. Among the best known and most important of these are: Passo Taglia, Colle Langan, Monte Ceppo and Colle d’ Oggia. The rally is staged entirely on asphalt surfaces and has a length of almost 1,400 kms. The cars, and above all the drivers, need to perform to the peak of their abilities in order to avoid spectacular roaring departures from the rally course. A certain amount of “sang froid” is required.

With the coming of Autumn fans and devotees will make their way to the roadsides of the beautiful hinterland of the “Riviera dei Fiori” so they can follow the progress of this rally which is recognized as one of the most spectacular in the world and which forms part of “ The International Rally Challenge.”