Riviera Wines

<b>I vini doc della Riviera dei Fiori</b> - Foto APT RdF

Cheers Liguria! In recent years, the production of wine along the Western Riviera has been steadily increasing and it can offer you its excellent wines, among which the Rossese di Dolceacqua is well worth mentioning.

Vine-growing – just like olive growing – has ancient origins since it was introduced into Liguria by Benedictine monks who managed to patiently and skilfully select the best vines for this land.

Here are some local wines: Rossese, Pigato, Vermentino, and Ormeasco. Rossese became a D.O.C. wine in 1972 and was the first Ligurian wine to obtain this certification. Its colour is ruby red; its flavour is dry and quite delicate; and its perfume is intense. The seat of its production area is Dolceacqua and Valle Nervia, a few kilometres away from San Remo.

Ormeasco can rightly claim its relationships with Dolcetto – a famous Piedmontese red wine. It is produced on an area between Imperia, San Remo, and Ventimiglia. Its flavour is dry and perhaps slightly bitter; its colour is deep red; and it goes well with red meat, especially with stewed and roasted meat.
Let’s turn to white wines now.

Vermentino‘s grapevines are spread throughout Liguria and the wine produced on the Riviera of Flowers is particularly renowned. It is a dry white wine, the colour of straw, and is characterised by a delicate and fruity flavour. Vermentino goes well with fish. Pigato is a white wine, the colour of straw with golden tints, and is characterised by a pleasantly aromatic and intense perfume and a bitter flavour with a scent of almond. This wine is perfect with fish.