Tenco Prize

<b>Gianna Nannini al Premio Tenco di Sanremo</b> - Foto Sanremo Promotion

Tenco Prize

San Remo is the Town of Flowers and of Music. Every year the town streets are filled by the melodious notes of “Rassegna della Canzone d’Autore” (Songwriters Review) and the esteemed Tenco Prize is awarded, named after Luigi Tenco.

Amilcare Rambaldi created this competition to commemorate his friend, Luigi Tenco – a famous Italian singer back in the 1960’s. The competition attracts singers who come from every side of the world and celebrates the search for the most poetic words and strongest emotions combined with suggestive melodies.

The Tenco Prize is the songwriters’ answer to the Song Festival. Since it is not strictly associated with record companies nor the audience’s taste, it can thus tickle the heart of connoisseurs.

The artists taking part in this event are among the best Italian songwriters. Here you can enjoy the performances of famous Italian songwriters, such as Gino Paoli, Roberto Vecchioni, Fiorella Mannoia, Samuele Bersani, Pino Daniele, De Gregori, Daniele Silvestri, and Max Gazzè, together with well-known international artists, such as Geoffrey Oryema and Mari Boine.

The Tenco Prize is considered as one of the greatest events for “quality” songwriters within the music business.