Flowers from San Remo

<b>Le rose di Sanremo</b> - Foto APT Rdf

When we speak about the cultivation of the flowers of Sanremo, we are not only discussing production and commerce, but also a veritable art form. The story begins with the grower and ends with the completion of the cycle at the hands of the florist. The cycle follows the story of each flower, from germination through to the eventual bloom, in all its glory.

The “Sanremo Italian style”, the style of the typical Sanremese floral bouquet, was created to draw attention to and to emphasize the value of, the floral products of the Sanremo Flower Market. In this way the value and skill of the artistic qualities of the professional florists who developed this innovation were underlined. In turn, this led to the emergence of the great Italian tradition of art, gusto and beauty.
The bouquets must represent, in some way, the characteristics of the area and its mild climate.

A composition bearing the name “Sanremo Italian Style”, must therefore be representative of the season in which it is composed through the use of products in flower at the time it is made(flowers, fronds in bloom and bearing berries, all obtained from the local countryside): it must also be a composition of products of only the highest quality: it must ensure that the perfume of the flowers is evident: further, there must be a reflection of the beautiful colours of the Mediterranean in the materials used: it must reflect the fact that the flowers, fronds and leaves are living material even after they are used in the compositions: there must be the maximum use of natural materials and the minimum use of products such as paper: finally, the composition should celebrate the elements at the root of “Sanremo Italian Style”, and its historical – cultural association with the region.