Una serra di fiori di Sanremo - Foto APT RdF

San Remo: the Town of Flowers

When you reach San Remo, you are met by a marvellous scenery: mountains on the background; hills sloping down to the sea; a lovely town in the centre of an inlet; wonderful flowers; and tropical vegetation – palm trees, cactuses, and flowers.

Here you are in the Town of Flowers where elegant and long-stemmed roses, sweet-smelling carnations, and colourful begonias and camellias are cultivated. Along San Remo hills, you can see large greenhouses and water tanks used for watering. The heart of flower growing is right here.

The great skill of the hybridists, the masterly care of flower growers, and the exceptional climate of this area contribute to the cultivation of the world-wide famous and beautiful flowers of San Remo.

The elegant hall in which the famous New Year’s Day Concert is held every year in Vienna is decorated with marvellous flowers right from San Remo. And the same thing happens in Stockholm for the Nobel Prize awarding. The extremely favourable climatic conditions have made the growth of a flourishing vegetation possible. Since the nineteenth century, the tourists who arrived to San Remo by train used to look out of the windows and smell the perfume of citrus fruits that pervaded the air. The marvellous villas of the town are still surrounded by luxuriant gardens, where rare tropical plants and flowers grow.

As you walk along its streets and boulevards, you will find plenty of yellow, lilac, or red violets; red, yellow, and pink hibiscus bushes; or fuchsia and white cyclamens. Flowers everywhere. The town is like a colourful garden along the shores. Carnations and roses are certainly the perfect souvenir so that you can still let yourself be exhilarate by the perfume and colour of its flowers once you leave San Remo.