<b>La scenografia del Festival di Sanremo 2004</b> - Immagine RAI

San Remo is a city that remains active throughout the year. Living in San Remo means enjoying a long list of entertaining events and shows, such as the Song FestivalCorso Fiorito, the Car Rally Race, and the Milano-San Remo cycling race.

These events take place in the marvellous setting of San Remo, a city that for each occasion dresses up with bright lights, colours, and its famous lovely flowers, thus offering a breathtaking backdrop with stunning and colorful views shining under the rays of the bright sun and marvellously painted by the glow of the setting sun.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should come to and discover San Remo. For instance, if you like floats and flowers, then you should not miss the Corso Fiorito parade where you will be able to see a multitude of beautiful flowers. If you like music, then the Tenco Prize Competition will be waiting for you. Sports enthusiasts also have many options from a variety of disciplines.

San Remo events are diverse enough to attract and satisfy a wide audience. Whether in the summer or during the Christmas season, there are always events and special entertainment to attend, including events for children – e.g., with clowns and jugglers.

From the streets in the town centre, at the harbour, or on the nearby hills, the Town of Flowers offers lively moments of entertainment and is ready to amaze its visitors with a multitude of events and shows.