San Remo Synphonic Orchestra - Photo Fondazione


Sanremo, February 2012 

In Sanremo from January 19th to February 23rd, through several dates, the Second Piano Review “Starring: the piano” is an event for all the classical music aficionados.

In the following section we are reporting the days and locations where the concerts will take place: 

Thursday, January 19th – 5.00 PM – Casino Opera Theatre, player: Antonio Di Cristofano. Entrance: 15 €.

Saturday, January 28th – 3.45 PM – Church of the Padri Capuccini (free admission), players: Carlo Balzaretti and Kuniko Kumagai.

Thursday, February 2nd – 5.00 PM – Casino Opera Theatre, player: Andrea Bacchetti. Entrance: 15 €.

Saturday, February 11th – 3.45 PM – Church of Nostra Signora della Mercede (free admission), player: Gerardo Felisatti.

Thursday, February 23rd – 5.00 PM – Casino Opera Theatre, player: Matteo Corio. Entrance: 15 €.