On Sunday 29th June 2006 the streets of Sanremo will be filled with beautiful flowers. The inspiration behind the theme of this festival will be the circle. This is the classic wintertime appointment, with the coloours and perfumes of the magnificient flowers of the Riveria. The flower carts will be arranged around the traditional ring of via Roma/via Nino Bixio with an additional area on Lungomare Italo Calvino. There will be many viewing platforms which will give visitors and residents ample opportunities to appreciate both the beauty and the perfumes of the flower carts.

This year the many maifestations of the ‘Corso Fiorito’ will be staged throughout the streets of Sanremo, all the insignia of the flowers and the flower growing. From 20th January to 5th February there will be a succession of events designed to satisfy the expectations of a vast audience. Naturally, the only stars of the show will be the flowers of Sanremo.

Sanremo in bloom will be begin with an exhibition on the historic procession of the flower carts of the carts, ‘A Colori’ will recount the story of Sanremo and the Riveria through the images of yesterday and today. The exhibition will be held in the pavilion of the old railway station to be found in Piazzale Cesare Battisti, from 20th January 2006. Also in this location there will be an exhibition organised by the “Istituto Professionale della realta producttiva del Comparto Floricolo Sanremese”. “The Flowers of Sanremo” which runs 26th to 29th 2006.

For the expert, the passionate and fror all gourmets there is a special “Rassegna Enogastronomica” inspired by “Cooking with flowers” from the 22nd to the 31st of January 2006. Chefs and restaurateurs will be prepare dishes using roses, violets, carnations … to satisfy the throat, the eyes and the nose.

The “Museo Civico Sanremese” is organised a book fair to celebrate the occcasion. The focus of the bookfairis, of course, the flower as in recognised in the title: “Il fiore nella Letteratura” from 25th January – 5th February 2006.

The annual showcase for the flowers growers of the western Liguria can be found at “Mercato dei fiori di Sanremo” in Valle Armea, via Quinto Mansuino 12.

the important appointment with with ‘Floritec Il Festival dei Fiori’ will be renewed in 2006 from 27th to 29th January. This is a must do for those in the know or those who wish to discover the secrets of colour and perfume of fresh flowers even in winter. From the 27th to 29th Jnuary in the ‘Mercato dei Fiori di Sanremo’ in conjunction with Floritec, there will be “Il Meeting G.D.O.” with the participation of buyers from the “Settore Floricolo”.

During the following weeekend at the procession of flower carts (4/5 february 2006) the “XIII Concorso di Arte Floreale” “Citta di Sanremo” will spring into life. The theme will be “Letteratura Mondiale” organised by the Flos club. The setting for this prestigious conference will be Villa Ormond, Corso Cavallotti 13.