<b>San Remo Casino</b> - Photo APT RdF


Sanremo, May 2008

Here’s the calendar of the literary encounters that will take place at the Casino Theatre of Sanremo in the month of May:

Tuesday, May 6th conference “From Fatima to Lourdes, the style of the Holy Mary”. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone with Giuseppe de Carli will present the book“L’ultima veggente di Fatima” (The last prophet of Fatima). There will be his eminence Mons. Alberto Maria Careggio and his eminence Mons. Vittorio Lupi.

Tuesday, May 13th conference “Reflections on Christian ecumenism today”, with the participation of Valdo Spini. Alberto Guglielmi will present the book “Ugo Janni a Sanremo. Una grande testimonianza di Ecumenismo Cristiano” (Ugo Janni in Sanremo. A great witness of Christian Ecumenism).

Tuesday, May 20th conference of Cesare Romiti“Philanthropy and Business”, with the participation of Giuliana Gemelli of the University of Bologna, Enrico Reggiani of the Cattolica University of Milan.

Presentation of the book “Il Vangelo della ricchezza”(The gospel of wealth) of Andrew Carnegie, preface by Francesco Magris with the participation of Claudio Magris.

Tuesday, May 27th Vito Mancuso will present his book“L’anima e il suo destino” (The Soul and its destiny).